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McQuesten Community Devotionals: Mon, Sep 25th, @7:00pm - 08:00PM
Agdas Javid Fireside: Wed, Sep 27th, @8:00pm - 10:00PM
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Bahai’s of Hamilton celebrated United Nations Day on October 24 at home of Mrs. Aghdas Javid of Dundas who has been marking this event for 45 years.  It was a wonderful gathering of information, reflection and conversation about how and why the United Nations came into being. 

The speaker was Dr. Anne Pearson, granddaughter of former prime minister of Canada Lester B. Pearson, who is also a member of the Spiritual Assembly of Baha’is of Hamilton.  Dr. Pearson delivered an informative talk on the history of United Nations, its accomplishments and the challenges it faces. She touched on how many of the Baha’i teachings revealed by Baha’u’llah 170 years ago, on topics such as the need for the eradication of all forms of prejudice, the advancement of women, the reduction of the gap between the rich and the poor, universal education, and a recognition of the innate nobility of humankind, are goals shared by the agencies of the UN.  The International Baha’i Community has consultative status at the UN, one of the first religions to hold this privilege.

Dr. Pearson’s talk created awareness and encouragement to those present to study more about the United Nations and to become involved with the positive work its agencies are doing around the world. 

Emmitt Brown, 14 of Waterdown started the celebration by playing the piano and Elicia Zaree, a medical student at McMaster, played harp and sang beautiful songs on the themes of unity and peace.