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McQuesten Community Devotionals: Mon, Sep 25th, @7:00pm - 08:00PM
Agdas Javid Fireside: Wed, Sep 27th, @8:00pm - 10:00PM
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The Centre for the Study of the Texts, Mount Carmel, Haifa, Israel.

Copyright 2006, Baha'i International Community.

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Community Library

Location: 136 Lovers Lane Ancaster
Hours:     Open most days just call Nooroldin Anvari at
              (905) 648-8446

To better serve the accessability of the library for
borrowing and returning books we will make the library
open more often. Starting in 2009 by just calling one
of the committee members we will open to accomodate you.

Nooroldin Anvari  (905) 648-8446 (call first)
Joe Jones (905) 304-0973
Maureen Bruce (905) 628-5917



2. SHOGHI EFFENDI  shoghi_effendi_and_independant_writers

3. ACHIVAL BOOK COLLECTION archival_book_collection

4. CHILDRENS BOOKS  childrens_books_bahai_and_others

5. COMPREHENSIVE DEEPENINGS comprehensive__deepening_guides

6. Compilation and Guides   compilations_and_guides

7. Music and Songs   music_and_songs

8. Non-Baha'i Books of Interest  non-bahai_books_of_general_interest

9. Movies          movies

10. Other Faiths  other_faiths_scriptures_and_texts

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